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What Does the Bible Say About Making Fun of the Misfortune of Others?, Those Who Work Situations to Their Own Good, Giving In to Nagging Children posts

Since Bible Passages That Can Influence Your Life, is now on line through individual posts, I am now putting several links together for each post. I found groupings of three posts worked well for anyone interested in using these for a Bible study group.  Debbie Seiling

Whoso mocketh the poor reproacheth his Maker: and he that is glad at calamities shall not be unpunished.  Proverbs, Chapter 17, verse 5.

I remember being with someone who I used to think was a friend prior to this.  I realized that they weren’t someone I wished to keep company with after this situation.  This person put down a guy with long hair in his community who was riding a motorcycle and crashed and got killed, saying it served him right.  There was no compassion, only justified indignation at this person with long hair who rode a motorcycle.  I don’t think it says anywhere in the Bible that only people with short hair, wear suits to work and drive expensive cars are allowed to go to heaven.  Actually, Jesus had long hair, but the main point of this is that we aren’t to judge others or make fun of their misfortune.
Here is a related passage:
*Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth, and let not thine heart be glad when he stumbleth.  Proverbs, Chapter 24, verse 17.

A fool’s mouth is his destruction, and his lips are the snare of his soul.  The words of a talebearer are as wounds, and they go down into the innermost parts of the belly.  Proverbs, Chapter 18, verses 7-8.

I have seen children at school go to another student and say something like, “Fred thinks you’re ugly.”  The child is crushed by this information.  In talking to the student who shared this, I have come to realize that they thought they were doing the child a favor by telling.  I have to explain that when they share hurtful things, even though they weren’t the one who originally said them, they are actually being hurtful themselves.

I have stopped being close friends with some adults who manipulatively work situations to their own good.  I have known those who will get a person involved in a discussion focused on putting down another person, as well.  Then they go to the other person and say what was said, trying to get in close with that person.  It’s a, “Did you know what terrible things Fred said about you?” on a grown-up level.  This passage doesn’t sound like God takes too kindly to this type of behavior.

Chasten thy son while there is hope, and let not thy soul spare for his crying.  Proverbs, Chapter 19, verse 18.

Sometimes it’s all too easy to give in to our children to keep them from nagging us.  Their best interest needs to always be in sight as our ultimate goal.  I hear children in primary grades talk about graphic, sexual things that they must have picked up from the shows they watch.  It may be easier for parents to just let their children watch these shows rather than to have to deal with their children nagging them.

The real question should be, “What does this do to the child?”  Little children are exposed to all too much sexually explicit, violent and vulgar language and scenes in the media today.  The media isn’t going to stop making these shows, so it’s up to the parent to value their child enough to monitor the shows they view and put up with some nagging and fits.  After all, it’s their child’s well-being that counts.

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