Thursday, August 23, 2012

I've Been a Self-Righteous Chrisitan

Then there arose a reasoning among them, which of them should be greatest.  And Jesus, perceiving the thought of their heart, took a child, and set him by Him, and said unto them, Whosoever shall receive this child in My Name receiveth Me: and whosoever shall receive Me receiveth Him that sent Me: for he that is least among you all, the same shall be great.  Luke, Chapter 9, verses 46-48.

Being a “Self-righteous Christian” too many times to mention, this passage reminds us that we shouldn’t get caught up in determining how great we are for all the good things we do in God’s Name.  That isn’t what it’s all about.  God says, For he who is least among you all, the same shall be great.”  I need to make sure that I’m focused on living the life God wants for me rather than trying to look pious to others by attaining religious status.

Because this example of how I’ve applied this Bible passage to my life only focuses on a portion of the passage, it doesn’t necessarily reflect the whole meaning of the passage.

This is a connection I've made from this Bible passage. Please share your connections. 



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